• Secure Managed IT Services

    Let us securely run your IT while you do what you do best; grow your business

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    Disaster Recovery

    We have automated Cloud Backup offerings to prepare your business to recover in disaster or malware attack More Info

    IT Security

    It is common now to see businesses falter due to IT security compromises, are you confident in your IT security? More Info
  • What is Avancent?

    Since 2001 Avancent has been bringing the same effective IT that exists for Enterprise size accounts to small & mid-size businesses. Technology has become scalable and is no longer the exclusive playground of the Fortune 500. All you really need is the right partner to help you achieve a cost effective, productive, and reliable technology platform.

    This is what we can do for you at Avancent.

    Why Avancent?

    Small & mid-sized businesses have less spend for IT than Fortune 500 companies, yet they have the same technology needs as their “too big to fail” counter parts. They need an IT partner who can bring tried and tested technology that is aligned to their specific business needs. No wasted effort, no wasted cash flow, no technology downtime.

    This is how Avancent adds value.

    Who needs Avancent?

    Tired of duct tape and Band-Aids holding together your IT? Ever feel like your technology is part of your problem and not part of the solution? Having effective IT doesn’t have to be cost exorbitant or overly complex. Leaders recognize that the old “break/fix” model usually costs more and that smart IT spend creates consistent returns.

    Hear from those who partner with Avancent.

    Our Law office uses technology as a competitive edge in a complex industry. With Avancent we have found a detailed and proactive IT partner that finds problems before they occur, resulting in no downtime and limited need for site visits. Avancent is far more cost effective and efficient than running our own IT department.
    Trevor BrewerPrincipalBrewerLong, PLLC