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Secure Managed IT Services

Quote from a current CIO client of Avancent (who wants to remain anonymous): “Companies that have been through the experience of IT failure due to a preventable maintenance issue always find a way to properly maintain their IT from then on.”

Avancent Secure Managed IT Services is the solution for businesses that recognize their IT must work. All the time.

Ironically, usually with good planning this can be done for the same or less cost than the “break/fix” model of the past. When you take into account the “break” has a cost associated both in lost productivity and lost business and the “fix” comes with a higher price tag as it needs to be fixed immediately (you have no negotiation power when your IT is down and must be restored).

Your CFO is also going to love Avancent Secure Managed IT Services because there is no more spikes in the IT spend. Rather one steady and budgeted item.

There are many other persuasive reasons your organization could benefit from Avancent Managed IT Services:

  • You and your office have access to Avancent’s Help Desk during regular business hours. You get a live friendly voice at Avancent, no frustrating “auto attendant”. We also have after hour support plans.
  • You will receive ongoing proactive maintenance and monitoring – we will likely find and fix IT problems before you do.
  • Each month you will get a complete diagnostic report on the status of your IT and what Avancent has been doing to protect it.
  • Free your IT person/people to work on higher value IT projects. For example, are you really getting the full benefit of that ERP system you purchased?
  • Efficiency. Don’t hire another IT person if the job can be more capably and cost effectively completed with a lower head count. You make money doing what you do best in the market, not running an IT shop.