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CIO Strategy & Advisory

Businesses can be made or broken based on what sometimes seem like straightforward and seemingly innocuous decisions at the time:

“Do we hire her?” (Imagine eBay debating hiring Meg Whitman in 1998…company went from $4M annual revenue to $8B in 10 years).

“Do we fire him?” (Think Steve Jobs being let go from Apple in 1985, they would have to wait another 11 years before he came back to make them the most valuable planet on the earth).

“Do I stay up all night and write this software or not?” (Think Mark Zuckerburg deciding to pull an all nighter and create “Facemash” the predecessor of Facebook a $200B company).

The point is sometimes early decisions have long lasting impacts on the overall success of our businesses. Potentially, no decision is more important to that long-term success then deciding what your IT strategy will be.

Most leaders in an organization are not comfortable with making the IT decisions because they know it’s critical and they recognize that it may not be their skill set. In some cases they rely on the next best thing. They call their cousin Vinny who knows more about IT than they do and pose the questions to him.

At Avancent we suggest a different strategy. For critical IT decisions invest in sound and experienced advice. Getting it right today can make all the difference in the world tomorrow.