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Networking, Servers & Utilization

At the heart of Avancent are computer engineers that have a strange fixation for finding the most intelligent IT design. While some people might call this obsession dysfunctional – we simply call it Networking, Servers, and Utilization. It is the IT back bone of every company.

The way you design, structure, and manage your IT goes a long way towards determining how successful your business will be. Getting it right is something you need to revisit every 3 to 4 years (minimum).

  • Networking – our engineers are skilled at finding the right construction, design, and use of your network so that IT effectiveness is maximized while costs are minimized. As a part of this intelligent design we help establish IT operational policies and procedures that support your organizations protocol.
  • Servers – while some businesses are moving to Cloud services and no longer require a server – others don’t want to or have technology barriers that prevent them from being able to (at least not all of their IT functions can go to the Cloud). We fundamentally understand these needs differences. The engineers at Avancent evaluate the specific hardware and software requirements for your business and then find the best-suited solutions to match those needs.
  • Utilization – ever wonder if your IT was running at it peak performance? Even your car has gages and instruments that tell you every second how well it is operating. Don’t you find it strange your office IT does not? Avancent engineers make visibility to your IT utilization simple and easy to understand. Better utilization means better results.

Let our obsessive IT Engineers take a look at your Network, Servers, and Utilization and see if you are getting all that you can out of your IT investments.