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Cloud Computing

Research shows that businesses move to the cloud for the following reasons*:

  1. Increase efficiency (55%)
  2. Improve employee mobility (49%)
  3. Increase ability to innovate (32%)
  4. Freed current IT staff for other projects (31%)
  5. Reduce IT operating costs (24%)
  6. Platform to offer new products/services (24%)

All are good reasons to consider embracing the future with a Cloud solution, but it is difficult to know if these will create the desired effect for your specific business needs. What makes Avancent a powerful partner for you are that we will help with your analysis to determine what is the best platform to support your future growth needs.

We have no allegiance to any vendor Cloud offering. Our allegiance lies with our customers’ finding the right fit for their business. No better time to consider these options then when your current server is in need of replacement. Let us help you select the right IT future.

Call us today so we can help you define the IT solution that will support your business, in the Cloud or otherwise.

*CDW 2013 State of the Cloud Report