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Wireless Networking

n effective wireless network is a critical part of any office; it improves employee productivity and communication and in cases where buyers are at your site(s) can dramatically increase the customer experience. An effective wireless system could even eliminate costly upgrades to aging or obsolete office cabling. But if not done properly it can cause downtime, or worse, open your network to security threats.

We have partnered with the best in the industry to deliver effective and secure wireless to your office. Here is what you can expect….

  • Cloud Based Controller – this solution is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations (up to 5,000 users) with a small or nonexistent IT staff that want a streamlined WLAN solution without installing a lot of hardware.
  • Security – provides a centralized console for all of an enterprise’s wireless networks and enables remote network and security configuration and monitoring of connected access points from anywhere on the Web.
  • System Audits – we will conduct scheduled penetration audits to make sure that your wireless network remains free of unwarranted and unwanted traffic.
  • Beacons – want to put your business on the cutting edge of technology, allowing your customers’ smart device to access your network for a customizable experience? Ask us about how using a cost effective beacon can impact your customer’s experience at your location.