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IT Audits

In many mid to small size companies strategic leadership has little understanding what the status of their IT network is from day to day.

Some businesses may have a person designated to partially wear the IT hat and be aware (as much as possible) of the office IT situation. But it just one of many hats they wear and not a primary skill set.

Other companies have full-time employees whose sole job is it to know the IT status and be able to partially (if not fully) maintain IT effectiveness.

In each of these scenarios, the reality is that there is a broader audience of people at the organization that should be aware of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the office IT. IT drives costs, IT drives efficiency, IT can drive customer satisfaction and IT is a critical part of the overall growth strategy.

Avancent has pioneered one of the most robust and comprehensive IT audits to help businesses get a complete understanding of their technology situation. We call it the Avancent Tech Advantage IT Assessment Report.

This assessment will provide: Executive Summary, IT Governance, IT Utilization, Systems Architecture, Applications, Information Security, Systems Support, Disaster Recovery Planning, & Complete Network Diagram and many other critical IT information items. From this detail Avancent will provide tangible guidance in the form of High, Medium and Low Risk Benefit Items.

With this knowledge, you can make sound IT business decisions.