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Information Security

Now known as the SONY scenario, let us sing you an Anthem about how important this is. Recent world events dictate that every organization maintaining confidential and proprietary information (and all information is) needs to review and re-evaluate their level of risk and vulnerability to attack. Once your customer’s trust is gone, your business goes with it.

In this global explosion of hackers & malware seeking to leverage data from any size company, we have partnered with two of the premier providers of business IT Security solutions to bring peace of mind.

  • System Audit – we will audit your current network to inform you if you have the best-proven technology to insulate your business from unwanted attack. Since the attacks and malwares change daily, we will routinely repeat tests on your security to validate your system is always ready. The effectiveness of this approach isn’t just our opinion, check out this from a recent WSJ article: “Companies…can conduct frequent, unannounced tests of their cyber security and report the results to investors as well as the general public… but only independent testing can reveal actual operational vulnerabilities”. WSJ February 13, 2015
  • Implement – if your business is vulnerable, we can upgrade your security to protect your data immediately.
  • 24×7 Monitor – no system is full proof and criminals never stop developing new attacks and viruses, our prevention tools will maintain a constant watch on your IT and shield it against the ongoing concern.
  • Maintain – as our partners upgrade their defenses, we will immediately upgrade those new solutions in your environment.