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Hosted Desktops

Very few people sit in one spot and use their computer all day from that single location. Most of us travel by plane, train and automobile. Many of us stop at the coffee shop in the morning; some need to work from home when a child is sick. You and your people need to be able to access your IT when and where it is needed….but still remain secure at all times.

Enter the flexible and efficient world of Hosted Desktops.

The hosted desktop works in the same way as your old device desktop, only we lift your current desktop off the physical PC or laptop it is on now and we make it virtual – “hosting” it for you in a secure data center or on your own office server.

The point is all the computing power you need is no longer contained within that box underneath your desk or that laptop in your bag (you will be especially happy about this when your computer crashes or laptop gets stolen).

A Hosted Desktop solution allows you’re desktop and associated applications to always be available in a safe and secure place. You just choose what device you want to access that desktop with. Maybe an iMac or an iPad, or quite possibly the same PC or laptop you used before. Or, use all of them – it doesn’t matter anymore.

The key here is that you don’t need to worry about the device at all. With any Internet connection you’ll have a desktop, meaning you can work from anywhere at anytime or on any device.

If this sounds like the type of flexible work capacity increase you want in your office, give us a call and we will evaluate your current IT status and give you a clear picture of how it could transform into a more powerful Hosted Desktop solution.